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AcuAngle A-700 with Laser Dot



AcuAngle Multi-function Angle Level with track magnetic & laser dot (Oil style & Metal shell)

For critical projects use the ANGLE/LEVEL to accurately set or measure angles. Unlike many products that stick, vibrate and bounce, the ANGLE/LEVEL settles smoothly to the angle due to its oil damped, ball bearing movement. The hairline pointers can be precisely aligned and the angle read off to each degree, then divided at the vernier scale to the stated accuracy. A strong magnet base allows hands off use on ferrous metals.

For setting a pseudo-horizon, upon which a new angle based on the pseudo-horizon can be directly measured. Double check: Double annular graduations provided for calibrating either positive or negative degrees. High accuracy - 1/20deg accuracy: When a heavy duty bench top type fits the bill, this model gives the best accuracy and readability. The housing is zinc diecast. The dial is 4"dia. with vernier divisions of 1/12deg. Height is 5.5", width is 5", wt: 18.6oz. Comes with case


Uses : Machining and tool making
setting saw, mill and drill angles
welding , satellite installation
quality control/parts inspection
fine carpentry & cabinetry
plant engineering & equipment installation

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