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Bear 360G Servo Multi Line Green Beam Laser

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Bear Servo 360G Green Multi Line Laser Level - Fully Automatic Motorised Levelling System

Level – Vertical - Plumb - Square

The Bear Servo 360G is a fully automatic self levelling multi line GREEN BEAM Laser ideal for indoor usage. Optional Receiver available for outdoor applications up to 70m range. 4 Vertical lines, 4 Horizontal lines for full 360° Laser line & 1 Plumb laser beam. Instant layout solution with the increased visibility of the 8 power full Green Lasers lines.


  • Electronic Tilt-Sensor compensator ensures fast self levelling
  • Green Beam technology which is up to 3 times brighter as the Red beam
  • Vertical, Horizontal & Plum setting-out at the same time
  • Rechargeable Hi capacity Li-battery technology to extends working time to more than 8 hrs
  • 240VDC Adapter included for direct connection to 240AC power.
    (Can be used without batteries fitted)
  • Manual slop function for any setting-out situation.
    Sound alarm systems for you pay attention in any alarm situation
  • Temperature alarm system designed to keep high accuracy
  • Dust & Water resistance to IP-54


Laser beam 4 vertical, 4 horizontal & 1 Plum
Light sources 532nm green laser, down point
Red beam 650nm
Laser safety class 2M for high power
Safety/Quality approval CE
Accuracy +/- 1mm@ 10m
Self-levelling range +/- 3.5°
Working Range Diameter up to 70m (with detector)
Power Supply 4 x AA alkaline batteries/ rechargeable batteries/ AC adaptor
Mounting Thread 5/8" X 11, ISO standard
Operating Temperature 0°~+40°C
Size Laser D 152 x H 223mm
Weight Laser 1.9kg
Supplied with:
Bear Servo 360G Laser, Carry case, 240ACV Adapter, Rechargeable Batteries & Charger, Laser enhancing Glasses, target & User guide. 

 Optional Receiver LL6 miniG with Clamp

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