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Bear 3D Red Beam Multi Line Laser Level


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Bear 3D Dual and Single Horizontal 360° Lines Red Beam Laser Level - The Ultimate in Interior Laser Levelling.

The Bear scientific 3D 360° is a red line laser with everything: 3 x 360° lines with an offset so that all lines are uninterrupted, accurate lines long range, outdoor mode and lithium batteries.

Features & Benefits:

  • 3 axis with 360° laser lines (one horizontal and 2 vertical directions)
  • No beam masking - a solid 360° laser line is projected in all three axis
  • The unit can be positioned as close as 1cm from the wall structure
  • High capacity Li-Ion battery technology for long operating times. 
Operating temperature 0°C - +40°C
Laser lines HVV 3 x 360° beams
Laser type Red beam 635nm laser diode
Self-levelling range +/- 3°
Mounting thread 5/8" x 11
IEC laser classification Class II
Accuracy +/- 1mm / 10m
Horizontal levelling system Self-levelling
Range with detector (radius) up to 50m
Rotational speed(s) Solid line
Battery type Rechargeable, lithium
IP rating IP54


Supplied with:

  • Li battery
  • Li battery charger
  • adjusting shifting table
  • Reflecting target
  • Laser enhancing glasses
  • Carry case 

Optional: Bear GR-85R Receiver

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