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Laser Therapy

Laserex Laser Therapy Units are designed and built for Veterinary use only !

The Laser 3000 is a Class 3B Cold Laser, that provides pain relief from many common ailments affecting horses, greyhounds and other animals.  Being an infrared cold laser, the Laser 3000 penetrates deep into the muscle tissue rapidly repairing damaged tissue and reducing inflammation. 

Cold Lasers have been around for since the 1960s and have proven themselves to be one of the best products to use on injured animals.  There are no known side effects from using Cold Laser Therapy and hence its acceptance into mainstream use by Veterinarian and Medical keeps increasing at an accelerating pace.  Wounds, scars as well as inflammation are rapidly healed using cold laser therapy as a treatment modality.  There is also the added benefit of cold lasers being drug free with no harmful side effects.

Completely safe and easy to use, the Veterinary Laser 3000 can be used to manage a wide range of common injuries, such as damage to the tendons, the healing of bruises and contusions, ligament distress, stiffness and pain or arthritic conditions, fetlock and hock injury, back pain and tendonitis. It can also be applied to acupuncture points and will assist in cell rejuvenation. Using the infra-red wavelengths, the Laser 3000 has deep treatment capability and works by promoting faster healing and stimulation of the nerve function. Laser therapy is also known to restore metabolic function. Encouraging the release of endorphins, laser therapy increases vascular action while it decreases inflammation, and is often applied in order to bring mobility back into arthritic joints and tendons.

Which Unit to choose?

The Single Head covers a smaller treatment area and is ideal for treating acupuncture or trigger points etc. The Cluster Head is used for treating large muscle groups as found on horses as well as dogs. It covers a large area and therefore not necessary to move the head as many times to treat the injured muscle as with the Single Head.

Infra-red wavelengths eg 808nm, 904nm, 785nm and 830nm penetrate deeper into the muscle tissue, around 5cm. Visible red wavelengths penterate around 1.5cm into tissue and used for treating wounds and scars close to the surface of the animals body.

The higher output powers, eg. 450mW result in shortening the treatment time, hence an 808nm Laser 3000 will deliver energy (Measured in Joules) quicker than a 785nm version. The most powerful version from the Lasetex 3000 series is the Cluster Head 808. There is also a single Head 808nm with around 490mW.


Laserex Laser Single Head

Laserex Laser 3000 Cluster Head

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