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Laser Receivers

There are many different types, makes and models of Laser Receivers on the market.

A laser receiver is designed to detect laser beams generated from crossline lasers. The receiver can extend the indoor working range of these crossline lasers as well as increasing versatility by allowing outdoor use  A rotating laser may be visible for a few hundred feet indoors and much shorter distances in daylight, so when used with an appropriate laser receiver the operating radius is extended out to the laser operating range (which, depending on the laser transmitter, can be 175m, 300m, or even up to 500m).  Special receivers are required for line generator units (or other non-rotating lasers). Laser Receivers are sometimes hand held, but often attach to grade rods or machinery with a sliding bracket or a magnetic base 

Machine laser receivers differ from rod mounted receivers in that they are larger, are dampened to protect electrical components from shocks and vibration, are usually weatherproof (water, dust), generally allow reception from all directions, have a larger vertical reception range, and mount firmly on construction equipment either with a bracket or a magnet. 




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