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Measuring Wheels

Choosing a Measuring Wheel

When it comes to choose the best wheel for your needs there are a few general rules to consider.

Is the wheel used for indoor or outdoor work. If it is Indoor work only, then a small wheel up to 12 cm in Diameter will be fine. If it is predominantly outdoor work on sealed roads, paving, schools yards etc then 15 cm to 32 cm diameter wheels are more suitable. If you are in sandy, or boggy ground in rural areas and have to cover larger distances then we have wheels up to 1m in Diameter.

If you have the budget and love digital technolgy then we also carry a range of wheels with digital readout displays to help make your job easier.

Measuring Wheels are used for : Road Marking, Construction, Paving, Fencing, Pool Building, General Construction, Garden Layouts, Sports Fields, Factory Layouts, Property Assessment, Traffic Control, Insurance Assessments and many more industries too numerous to mention.

We also sell the following Rail Track Measuring Wheels:


Rail Track Measuring Wheels

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