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David White SitePro Tripod SiteMax-HD

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The SiteMax-HD may well be Australia's strongest Composite Tripod that can be easily support Robotic Total Stations.


  • Composite fibreglass construction for stability and weather resistance.
  • Large round machined head and leg hinges provide a stable base.
  • Very low coefficient of expansion.
  • Safety stripes on two legs.
  • Dual Clamping system - Quick release and wing screws, doubles the stability and life of tripod.
  • Large soft balanced handle and straps for transporting.
  • Each component easily adjustable for tension with a spanner.
  • New 2018 design leg stops for attaching Data Collectors, GPS Radios and protective head cap storage.
  • Weight 7.2kg
  • Closed length 114cm
  • Replaceable points (steel)
  • Individual serial numbers for tracking.

Want to build an internal transport box for your vehicle?

At the feet 23 x 22cm
At the head 18x 18cm
Length 117cm



David White SiteMax-HD Composite Tripod pdf brochure

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