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FPM FG-KT100 Large X-Y Shifting Table

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The large X-Y FG-KT100 can be used for the exact positioning of instruments above or under reference points.

  • The rotatable XY positioning platform can be used to align the surveying instrument parallelly to the pattern of a target plate.
  • Horizontal movement in the X and Y directions, positioning accuracy up 0.1mm
Example of use:
  • Erection of high-rise buildings and mine shafts, smokestacks, bridges and steel constructions
  • Special measurement tasks in industrial surveying and mine surveying
  • Monitoring deformation processes of large buildings
Range of motion X axis +/- 50mm, with locking mechanism for the axis
Range of motion Y axis +/- 50mm, with locking mechanism for the axis
Fine-tuning for X axis +/- 10mm
Fine-tuning for Y axis +/- 10mm
Scale division 1mm
Setting accuracy 0.5mm
Reading 1mm, with magnifying glass
Reading estimation 0.1mm

Special Tripod with large tripod head
Wall support FG-MAS II

FPM FG-KT100, pdf brochure
Optical Zenith Plummet FG-L100 brochure

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