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Geo Fennel FL240HV Laser Level

Discontinued Model
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Multi-functional rotating laser – Ideal for numerous application !

Geo Fennel FL240HV Rotating Multi-functional Laser Level. Available with Red or Green Beam Laser. Versatile and easy to use. Fully automatic self-levelling in horizontal and vertical. A feature packed laser designed for the interior professional with a dust and water protection making it also suitable for outdoor use. Variable scanning and laser point mode for optimum beam visibility.

Line – Level – Plumb – Right Angle  Indoors - Outdoors

Features :

  • Visible laser beam
  • 2 rotating speeds
  • Variable scanning mode 
  • Laser point mode- Manual slope setting up to ± 5° (± 9%) in X and Y axis
  • Permanent 90° plumb beam
  • TILT function 
  • Remote control screen (on/off) 
  • Closed top cover housing offers excellent protection against dust and water  
Technical Data Red Beam Green Beam
Self-levelling range  ± 5°  ± 5°
Accuracy horizontal  ± 1mm / 10m  ± 1mm / 10m
Accuracy vertical  ± 1.5mm / 10m  ± 1.5mm / 10m
Working range with receiver 500m 400m
Scanning w/o receiver 40m* 40m*
Rotating w/o receiver 40m* 40m*
Scanning modes 2 stage 2 stage
Slope setting in X and Y axis  ± 5° (± 9%)  ± 5° ( ± 9%)
Rotating speed rpm 200, 500 200, 500
Operating time/Power supply 24h (NiMH) 24h (NiMH)
Temperature range -10°C - +50°C40h (Alkaline) -20°C - +50°C40h (Alkaline)
Laser diode / Laser class 2 2
Dust / Water protection IP 54 IP 54
Weight (instrument only) 1.95kg 1.95kg

Ideal to be used on the optional Geo Elevator Tripods for the commercial Ceiling contractors

Available up to 3.8m height 


Supplied with:

  • FR 45 Receiver with Clamp
  • Remote Control
  • NiMh Rechargeable Batteries
  • Intelligent Charger
  • Battery Case for Alkaline Batteries
  • Adjustable Wall and Ceiling Mount
  • Laser Glasses
  • Magnetic Target
  • Carrying Case 

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