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Geo Fennel FL40-4L High Power Multi Line Laser


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Ideal for floor, wall tiling or cabinetmaking. The FL40-4L line laser offers the latest laser diode technology to ensure optimum line visibility. ! horizontal and 3 vertical laser lines at 90° to each other. The centre vertical laser line connected by a horizontal laser line forming a laser cross makes the Geo Fennel  high power multi line laser an invaluable tool for many trades. With the optional Geo Fennel FR55 or FR55-M Receiver the working range can be extended of up to 30m.

Features :
  • 1 horizontal and 3 vertical laser lines
  • Shut-off of self-levelling function for manual use (slope)
  • Locking device for safe transport
  • Magnetic connection from instrument to wall mount
  • Centering adapter for optimum positioning over a floor point
  • Visual and audible alarm when out of level
  • Use with FR 55 or FR 55-M Receiver (optional) to extend the working range up to 30 m.

Applications include:

  • Floor and wall tiling
  • Drywall installation,
  • HVAC,
  • Ceiling joint and rafter alignment,
  • Wallpaper and stencilling / painting,
  • Electrical outlets and switches,
  • Install conduit and wiring,
  • Track lighting,
  • Curtain walls/shower doors, windows,
  • Cabinet and countertop alignment,
  • Closet shelves/drawers, panelling  and more.
Technical Data
Self-levelling range ± 3,5°
Accuracy ± 3 mm/10 m
Working range without receiver 20 m*
Working range with receiver 30 m
Operating time 12 h
Power supply 3 x 1.5 V AA
Visible laser diodes 4 x 635 nm
Laser class 3R
Weight 1,0 kg
* depending on room illumination

Supplied with:

  • Wall/tripod mount with 5/8" thread,
  • set of batteries,
  • magnetic target,
  • laser intensive glasses,
  • padded carry case 
Buy FL40-4L Multi Line Laser and FR 55 or FR 55-M Receiver together and save
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FL40-4L and FR 55 Receiver

  FL40-4L and FR 55-M Receiver



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