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Geo Laser NL-8 Steep Slope

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The German made Geo Inclination Laser NL-8 is a surface construction laser capable of electronic self-levelling over two axes. Dial in single or dual inclination to 50%. Fully waterproof and 100% nitrogen purged makes it one of the most capable grade lasers on the market. 


  • Fully automatic: Automatic levelling. Inclination zeroing and cut-out in case of low battery or jerky movement.
  • Robust metal housing: Laser / remote control plastic coated swept and filled with nitrogen 100% watertight.
  • Special aiming device NL-8: For quick alignment of the inclination axis in all four directions, also when aligning at different target heights.
  • Inclination measurement parallel to ground: Even if the inclination is not known, it simply can be adapted to the ground.
  • Increased safety: Control indicators with blinking warning system for levelling operation status and low battery. The name of the owner can be saved in the device to protect against theft. Automatic laser cut-out in case of jerky movement (bumps). Shift guard for X/Y inclination setting and rotational speed.
  • Illuminated clearly legible LCD display: Self-explanatory for on-off device data company data lock function inclination algebraic sign unit % or ‰ rotor speed operating status battery level and menu.
  • Special laser beam quality: Diode laser with visible beam high life expectancy and low power consumption.
  • Range deactivation of laser: Thereby the emission of laser beam can be limited from 400 gon to 300 gon or 200 gon or 100 gon.
  • Lithium ion rechargeable battery: Operation time to 27 hours with one charge. Rechargeable in 5 hours max. without having to take out the battery.
  • Two-way radio remote control (optional): Operation of the laser completely via radio control up to 350m

Application: Surface Construction 

Laser class 2, P< 2.6mW
Laser Diode, visible red, 658 nm
Laser range to 500m
Inclination range  X-axis - 5% to 50% Y-Axis - % to 12%
Self-levelling range over the complete inclination range
Reading accuracy 0.001%
Permissable deviation +/- 5mm/109m
Operating time up to 27 hours
External power supply 11 V DC to 14V DC with cable 0117.02
Undervoltage cut-out yes
Waterproof to 0.35 bar
Temperature range -10°C to + 50°C
Weight 3.6kg
Rotor speed  from 600 - 1000 rpm
Adjustment possible in the field without having to open the device

Included in package:

  • Two-axis inclination laser with special aiming device, up to 50% and rotation axis
  • Power supply/battery charger
  • Transport case

Optional accessories: please call for price on various configuration 

  1. Lightning 2 laser receiver
  2. Laser receiver with digital measured value display
  3. Locking receiver for laser light plane
  4. Two-way radio control
  5. Rotation axis (NL-8: in the standard delivery package)
  6. 12V DC Li-ION connection cable
  7. Rechargeable battery connection

 Geo-Laser NL-8 pdf brochure

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