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GeoLaser Automatic Pipe Laser KL91L

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The Automatic Geo Pipe Laser KL91L with a GREEN laser beam noticeably enhances visibility of the target, even in difficult lighting conditions. This is because the human eye is four times more receptive to green light than to red. In addition, green light does not get overpowered so much by the red spectrum of the sunlight. Further, the KL-91L offers the unique combination of the green laser beam’s higher visibility and a convenient class 2 classification.

Our pipe laser emits an automatically levelled or defined inclined laser beam as reference axis. It was specifically designed for pipe laying, but can also be used for general laser alignment. It can be set up centrically or at a constant distance above the pipe invert. Suitable legs, tripods and fastening systems are available for this.

But that’s not all: How about a laser target that not only shows the striking light spot but also diverts it in the viewer’s direction? This way, the spot would be clearly visible even when viewed at an angle. To achieve this, we have equipped our newly developed laser target with a special optical system.




  • Laser class
    Laser class 2, laser power < 1 mW Special features: laser power adjustable in 2 steps.
  • Fully automatic
    Automatic levelling, banking compensation, inclination zeroing, direction centring and cut-out in case of undervoltage or jerky movement.
  • Robust metal housing
    Anodised, plastic-coated, filled with nitrogen, 100% watertight.
  • Special laser beam quality
  • Diode laser with visible green laser beam, high life expectancy and low power consumption. The human eyes are 4 times more sensitve for green light rather then red light.
  • Brightly illuminated, easily legible LCD display
    Self-explanatory, for on/off, device data, company data, lock function, inclination, algebraic sign, unit % or ‰, direction limitation, centring, operating status, battery status and menu.
  • Easy-to-use keyboard
    Clear layout, practical, big, user-friendly keys.
  • Lithium ion rechargeable battery
    Operation time to 50 (KL90L), 34 (KL91L) hours with one charge. Rechargeable in 5 hours max. without having to take out the battery. Special feature: automatic transport cut-out.
  • Stable mounting legs
    Guarantee secure, positively centred footing in the pipe.
  • User-friendly infrared remote control
    For direction setting, laser on/off and laser flicker mode.
  • New laser target
    Fitted with a special optical system to enhance visibility even when viewed at an angle.


Laser class 2, <1mW
Laser Diode, visible green, 520 nm
Laser range up to 500 m
Beam diameter at laser 13 mm
Inclination range -10% to +40%
Self-levelling range - 5 % to + 40 %
Reading accuracy 0,001 %
Permissible deviation 5 mm/100 m
Direction setting ± 5,000 %
Banking compensation ± 4°
Operating time up to 50 hours
External power supply 11 to 14 V DC with cable 0117.02
Undervoltage cut-out yes
Waterproof to 3.5 m
Temperature range - 10° C to + 50° C
Dimensions Ø 130 mm, length 265 mm
Weight 3 kg
Range IR remote control to 150 m from front/to 18 m from behind
Guarantee 24 month


Ideal for Pipe Laying and general laser alignment

 Package includes:

  • Pipe Laser KL-91L
  • Power Supply
  • Leg sets 200, 250 & 300
  • Remote Control
  • Carry Case 
  • User Guide

Automatic Pipe Laser KL-90L/91L pdf brochure



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