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Glass Testing & Window Measuring Kit


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Great Value Glass and Window Measuring Kit for the Professional. 

All the tools you need to get the job done safely, increase efficiency and productivity in one easy to carry hard case. Kit can be configured to your requirements. 

1. Geo5P 5-Point Laser - five directions

5 self-levelling laser dots at right angles to each other: up, down, forward, left, right. For plumbing, alignments, levelling, transfer of points and many more applications.Self levelling range +/-3.5°, Accuracy +/- 2mm/10m, Working range 30m

2. Imex Digital Angle Finder Gauge 350mm

Professional precision angle gauge for all interior or exterior angles, roof pitches, staircase and balustrades, shower and window angles and steel fabrication angles. Measures 0-185°, with horizontal anf vertical vials, large LCD display. 1.9v battery. German made 

3. Leica Disto X310 Laser Distance Measurer

Multifunctional instrument with an inbuilt 360° Tilt sensor. Guarantees reliable measurements, even under the harshest conditions. Accuracy of +/- 1mm. Automatic multifunctional end-piece. Illuminated 4-line display. Dust and water jet protected to IP65. 

4. Merlin Lazer Glass Thickness Measurer

A remarkably simple but effective precision measurement instrument it allows accurate measurement of glass and air-gap thickness in single, double and triple glazed units. just point & click, glass & air-gap thickness are displayed on the calibrated scale. No glass removal necessary.

5. Merlin Lazer Low E Glass Coating Detector

The Merlin Low-E Coating Detector is a dual purpose tester designed to detect Pilkington K-Glass and all other Low-Emissivity coatings on single and double glazed units and indicate on which surface it is present. Simply place the tool onto the glass to be tested, if the tool detects the presence of a coating on the piece of glass an audible tone will be heard and the green indicator light will be illuminated.

6. Merlin Lazer TGi- Toughened Glass Indicator

This compact lightweight, reliable and affordable tool is able to indicate whether glass is toughened in single or multipane units, instantly at the touch of a button. simply place it on the glass to be tested then slide it across the surface while looking into the viewing window. The colour of the light reflected back from the glass surfaces will indicate instantly whether or not the glass has been toughened.

7. Crack Monitoring Gauge

With most buildings & structures developing cracks at some point in their life, crack monitoring gauges are one of the simplest ways to monitor movement of those cracks. The  basic Tell-Tale crack monitoring ruler that monitors horizontal and vertical movement across a crack on a flat surface.  

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