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GSR Mining Laser MTL1-SL

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The MTL1-SL is a small diameter alignment laser. 12 mm diameter main body. Range to 100m. A simple and economical to use underground tunnelling laser. Made of stainless steel. Please call for availability.

The main body area where the batteries are held has been trimmed to just 12.2 mm diameter. There is no loss of structural strength, as the MTL1-SL uses slimmer batteries, or the AAAA, or Quad-A alkaline batteries. The smaller batteries mean a slightly reduced operating time. With the small diameter MTL1-SL, and the PVC housing - the MTL-SL-H, a hole of just 18 mm needs to be drilled.
Supplied with PVC Storage Case
Supplied on request : PVC Sleeve

Not suitable for use in explosive atmospheres.

Mining Laser MTL-SL, pdf brochure

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