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All our Hire Equipment is functionally checked or calibrated at our workshop, before dispatch to the customer to ensure trouble free operation on site.

We offer technical advice on selection of the correct device to suit your application and also give help on the installation and operation of the equipment.

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NEW to Hire      Automatic stabilised Survey Tripod AD-14

Fully self-levelling & ideal for structural monitoring / automatic traversing - subsidence measuring of buildings, monitoring of soil injection & tunnel construction, structure relocation, bridge renovation, load-bearing structures and more.


Function: The automatic tripod AD-14 is used for automatic levelling of laser and surveying instruments, especially total stations. It can naturally also be used for automatic levelling of other devices with weights up to 10 kg.

The levelling range is +/- 14 gon. Levelling is continuous with an accuracy of 10 mgon. All components including the servomotors, adjustment units, inclinometers and measuring and control electronics are integrated into a dust and waterproof housing.

Assembly: The automatic tripod AD-14 is fastened to a stand or platform with a central retaining screw 5/8″. Orientation of the horizontal axes is possible via notch markings. The theodolite or total station is placed in the tripod positively centred and locked in position.

Power Supply: The power supply of the AD-14 is done via an connection cable either to an optional available 12 V rechargeable battery (EB-12) or to a power pack (NE-12/2A).

Adjustment The Level can be set with adjusting screws located behind a cover screw at the side of the AD-14




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