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IRtek FF38 Multipoint Precision Fever Finder

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The Multipoint Precision Fever Finder FF38 is ideal for fast and reliable fever temperature measurement. Unlike Thermal imaging cameras, the FF38 uses germanium sensors from Germany that can accurately measure to a +/- 0.4°C tolerance (33~37°C) with 0.1°C resolution.

The FF38 has 14 infrared sensors aligned from top to bottom, ensuring the ability to cater for different heights of people from children to adults. The sensors will take the maximum temperature from any exposed part of the body. Due to the proximity of the sensors, the FF38 has an effective operating distance to the target of around 20~40cm, hence the measurement repeatability is greatly improved.

The entire system only needs minutes to set up and most of the parameters are already factory adjusted. The FF38 only requires a 220V power source for operation. An optional large LED monitor can be supplied with the FF38 to improve readability of temperature from larger distances (6cm red bright LED) and an audio alarm will automatically set off when a feverish condition is detected. 

Irtek FF38 Fever Finder


Detector Germanium type from Germany
No. of detectors 14 points
Temperature range 33°~43°C
Resolution 0.1°C
Accuracy +/- 0.4°C (33°~37°C), +/- 0.6°C (>37° ~ 43°C)
Effective operating distance 20 ~ 40cm
Alarm function  settable
Power supply 220V 50Hz (adaptor 9 ~ 12V DC 1A) 
Operating temperature 10 ~ 35° (ambient)
Height of the unit 150 ~ 220cm (adjustable)


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IRtek FF38 Multipoint Precision Fever Finder, pdf brochure 

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