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Laser 3000 Cluster Head 830nm 105mW


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The Cluster head 830nm Laser 3000 comes with 3 x 830nm Infrared laser diodes and 1 x 635nm Visible aiming beam, with 105mW output power.  Cold laser therapy has proven to be one of the most safest and effective treatment modalities available on the market.

The Australian made Cluster Head Laser 3000 is a portable, powerful, professional, programmable, handheld laser therapy unit suitable for treating numerous pain conditions and injuries in animals.

The 830nm wavelength is well-known in the research literature and clinical studies for its deep penetrating abilities, making it ideal for use in treating injured animals by vets as well as owners and trainers. 

Being a Class 3B laser, the Laser 830nm Cluster Head penetrates 5cm into the muscle tissue, healing injured muscles, tendons and ligaments

The physiological effects of cold laser therapy make it a very useful tool to have to treat injured animals in a fast, effective, drug free way.


  • Reduces pain
  • Increases blood flow to damaged tissue
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Rejuvenates cells
  • Speeds up tissue repair
  • Increases lymphatic drainage
  • Rapid healing properties
  • Increases the tensile strength of muscles
  • Collagen forms faster
  • Heals soft tissue injuries, sprains and strains
  • Relaxes tensed muscles

Included in the Kit

  • Cluster Head Probe
  • 2 sets of AA rechargeable batteries
  • Battery recharger
  • IR viewing card
  • Laser Safety Eyewear
  • RF Interlock ( allowing for safe indoor use )
  • User Manual
  • Treatment dosages
  • PowerPoint presentation
  • Rugged carry case

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