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LTA Self-Levelling Cross Line Laser


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LTA Self-Levelling Cross Line Laser with incorporated Tripod Stand

This compact self-levelling cross laser is highly versatile. It can be hand-held for point marking and simple alignment by sight or leveled on a horizontal surface to make a "chalk line". It is ideal for:

  • Hanging pictures, photos or artwork
  • Wallpapering and stencil work
  • framing doors and windows
  • Installing electrical wiring and pipes
  • Mounting wall fixtures, electrical outlets, switches and lighting
  • Installing a drop ceiling
  • Painting
  • Installing closets
  • Laying tiles and flooring


  • Automatic level: automatic alignment via magnetic pendulum system
  • Out of level: indicated by optical signals when the unit is out of self-levelling range
  • Additional slope mode to align angled surfaces
  • Transport lock: pendulum lock designed to protect unit during transport
  • Simple operation: the laser is switched on and off at the press of a button 
Laser 653nm, Class II laser, maximum laser output< 1mW
Self-levelling range +/- 4°
Accuracy +/- 1/4 inch @ 30 feet
Operating range 30 feet
Power supply 1.5V (1x1.5V AA batteries)
Operating time 5 hours (alkaline batteries)
Operating temperature 0°C to 40°C)
Storage temperature -10°C to 70°C)



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