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MCE Long Range Tunnel Laser




The MCE PI750 is a Long Range Automatic Plumb Indication System. Used for vertical shaft alignment. Establish and check control points from your reference vertical down or up to 750m. Available in two models : Nadir or Zenith with red or green beam laser 
Made to order. Australian made

The MCE Long Range Laser Plummet with its fully focusable laser beam assures the smallest possible beam size at all times. Achieving plumbness in vertical shaft applications is essential for proper operation.

Long Range Automatic Plumb Indication System 
  • Operation Range to 750m
  • Custom modification on request to 1000m
  • Drift Accuracy : 0.007%
  • Standard supply : with Red Beam Laser, Green Beam Laser on request.
The laser will be switched on when connected to 12VDC. The self levelling process (within 3° of level) will begin and once level a laser beam will be produced. The projected laser dot will self level and indicate its plumb position.
Focusable Red Laser Beam.
The beam size of the PI750 can be focused via 
the beam expander. Power Supply 12V DC    

Deep shaft aligning

Laser Plummet PI750 shown on mount built by end user.



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