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MCE Pipeguide LS140G Green Beam


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MCE Pipeguide LS140G Green Beam Pipelaser. We have remodelled the MCE LS140G green beam pipe laying laser to give you the brightest beam allowed by law, along with the most advanced features in the world. And it couldn't be easier to use. Made in Australia.

With exceptional visibility and refined operation, the LS140G Green Beam works as hard as you to keep on target, with fewer setups and greater pipe laying speed.


  • Remodelled and easy-to-follow switch pad
  • Charging possible while laser in use
  • Automatic warning if service is required
  • Unique handle design which permits auto Self level in cross axis when used on trivet plate
  • Grade to ratio conversion
  • Remote lock and height alert
  • Impressive grade range (-20% to +35%)
  • Remote control for out of trench adjustments
  • Battery saving standby mode via IR remote
  • Battery status indicator
  • Internal rechargeable battery
  • Machined metal body
  • Service program - customized display 

Two grade input systems available for the first time

% & R image

           Infra Red Remote Control ("A.140.035") allows you to adjust the beam left or right from a distance of up to 150 metres. Operated from a 9 V alkaline battery, it also gives you access to the 'Lock Function' so you can prevent accidental changing of the grade or line settings

Supplied with 

  • Case for Pipeguide (Alum)
  • Infra-Red Remote Control
  • Pipeguide Feet & T-Piece Holder
  • Universal Target SML-2 Inserts
  • Battery Charger 100-240V AC/12.5VDC;3A
  • Power/Charge/CIG.Light/Cord
  • 12-24V PWR/Charger/Cord with Clips
  • Adjusting-Key & User Guide

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Click here to download the MCE Range of Pipelying Laser & Accessory brochure

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