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MCE SB300-MR Tunnel Tail Laser

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MCE SB300-MR Medium Range Tunnel & Alignment Tail Laser  -  Made in Australia

9mm Diameter Tail.
Fits into the small diameter alignment category of Lasers.

The MCE SB300-MR Medium Range Tunnel Tail Laser has a working range of up to 250m. With its mounting sleeve fitted the alignment laser will only need a small hole to be drilled into the rock wall. Precision alignment can improve efficiency and reduce costs.

This simple to use precision calibrated (centralised) alignment laser is used in the mining industry to show a reference point when required. A mounting sleeve is set with quick drying cement in a drilled hole with the SB300-MR Tail Laser mounted and aimed at required reference.
  When the quick drying cement is cured the SB300-MR Tail Laser can be removed. At any future time a SB300-MR Tail Laser can be placed in the brass sleeve and reference point can be found with precision again.


Overall length 220mm
Tail length 90mm
Operating distance 250 meters
Spot size approx. 35mm @ 200m
Diameter 20mm
Tail end diameter 8.8mm
Batteries 2 x "N"
Brass tail 14mm outside


Supplied with:

  • 2x N size batteries
  • Brass SB Sleeve.

Click here to download a MCE SB300-LR Brochure.

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