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McGarf MRAL001 Alignment Laser



The McGarf Grade Line Laser can be used to mark the grade lines on the side walls of an underground mine or tunnel. It will give you a levelled horizontal line at the same height as the laser dot on the front wall.

Condition: As NEW


  • Size 125mm long x 20mm diameter
  • Anodised marine grade aluminium housing and stainless steel spigot
  • Class 3A laser
  • Self on/off switching
  • Dust and water resistant
  • Small and compact
  • Battery and belt pouch included 
MCGarf-laser McGarf-laser
Sleeve location markers Wall Sleeves
Class 3A laser product
Wavelength 645 - 665nm
Power output 3mW +/- 1mW
Spot size at 20m 10mm +/- 2mm
Divergence 0.6mrad
Collimating lens 10mm aspherical plastic





  • McGarf MRAL001 Alignment Laser
  • 2 x Wall sleeves with dust cup
  • 2 x Sleeve location markers with SAA safety warning/reminder in black letters on a yellow anodised aluminium plate
  • 1 x Spare battery
  • Leather pouch  


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