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Metor 125 Laser Receiver

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Metor 125 - the world’s most powerful hand held Laser Receiver with milimeter display for high-precision levelling with rotating lasers.


  • The Metor receiver measures and displays the distance between the laser beam and the marking notch digitally.
  • Thus, level differences can easily be measured.
  • High precision: Being switched on, the Metor performs a self-calibration procedure automatically.
  • Internal storage of 100 readings.
  • Laser receptor 125mm, 100mm numeric.
  • Display on front and backside.
  • Reliable, solid and absolutely waterproof.
  • Working with all common rotating lasers (wavelength 610-790nm).
  • 70h continuous use with 2xAA batteries.
And the Best: Metor is not much more expensive than a good, traditional laser detector !
Useable Range 600m (diameter)
X2L-Sensor 127mm Length
Self-Calibration Yes, automatically upon Power on
Detection Accuracy

Ultrafine 0,50mm, Superfine 1,00mm, Fine 2,00mm, Medium 5,00mm, Coarse 10,00mm

Elevation Accuracy +/-0,5mm, when On-Grade, else
0,5mm +3% of elevation reading
Reception Angle +/- 45°
Strobe Rejection Yes, operates in presence of strobes
Beeper Volumes
High: >105dBA / Medium: 95dBA
Low: 65dBA / Off
Laser Source Speed
105 RPM bis 1200 RPM
Automatic Shut-Off
Yes, user selectable via menu function
Non Volatile Memory
Yes, settings stored with Power Off
and battery removal.
Operating Temperature
-20°C to +60°C
Power Supply
2 x 1,5V ‘AA’ batteries
Battery Life
70h continuous use with 2xAA batteries
Data Memory
Yes, for up to 100 readings
Environment Waterproof to IP67, shockproof
Wireless Transmitter
Optional. For remote indication,
data transfer, building monitoring






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