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Metrica Steel Super Action Open Reel Tape 50m

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The Metrica Super Action Open Reel Steel Tape has an ergonomically shaped frame, is superlight and will not tire your wrist shaped and lightweight steel tape will not tire your wrist during use and transport. For professionals - from Italy


  • Exclusive patented ergonomic shape
  • Does not tire your wrist during use and transport
  • Exclusive extraction system of the tape with blocked crank
  • Nylon coated tape prevents wear and corrosion
  • Foldable hook
  • Special rubberised handle with anti-slip coating
  • 13mm wide blade
  • Shaped for extreme lightness
  • Tape exit crank blocked
  • Non-slip rubber grip
  • Material of handle : Resin
  • Weight: 1.52kg
  • Class II 
  • Includes carry bag 
  • Available in 50m and 100m length


Will not tire your wrist during use and transport

Nylon coated 


Rubberised handle with non-slip reliefs


When pulling out the tape, the crank does not move


Hook with ABS-ring & holder

Protect your investment with this sturdy carry bag (included)


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