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Nedo Eco 600H Laser Level

Discontinued Model

The Nedo Ecc 600H Horizontal Laser Level is a simple straight forward rugged single button automatic Laser Level.

ECO600 H is the robust, fully automatic rotating laser for horizontal applications. Perfect for all levelling jobs on the construction site, such as casting concrete floors or foundations, for excavating and masonry jobs and for landscaping. ECO600 H features an excellent range of functions at a very attractive price.

Nedo Ecco 600H
Nedo Ecco 600H


  • Fully automatic horizontal laser for exterior applications
  • Self-levelling range +/-5°
  • High-Power laser diode (laser class 3R) for good beam visibility
  • Automatic level control stops the laser if it receives a heavy jolt. In this way, height errors are avoided.
  • Sturdy housing, splash-proof to IP 54
  • Glass rotor protection
  • High-Power NiMH rechargeable batteries for long operation 
Self-levelling range +/-5° motor-powered, with automatic level control
Levelling accuracy +/-1mm/10
Laser type <5mW, laser class 3R, 635nm
Power supply NiMH rechargeable batteries 4.8V, 3800mAh
Operation duration Approx. 30h
Weight 2.1kg
Dimensions (W-D-H) 150mm x 200mm x 190mm
Operating temperature -20°C to 50°C
Working range with receiver Approx. ø 400m
Rotating speed 600rpm
Protection class IP 54


Scope of Delivery:

  • Rotating laser ECO600 H
  • Laser receiver ACCEPTOR1
  • Rechargeable batteries and charger
  • Carry case

Nedo Eco 600H pdf brochure

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