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Panel Mount Inclinometer


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Panel Mount Inclinometer – With Touch Screen Operation

Simple visual display and warning for operators. Superior Versatility

The Panel Mount Inclinometer provides a simple roll only or pitch and roll display to operators. In roll only mode, a configurable warning bar gives a clear indication of the severity of the current roll. The panel mount inclinometer was been designed as a more versatile replacement for mechanical bubble and ball inclinometers.

Designed for harsh automotive environments, the Panel-Mount Inclinometer features a tough aluminium enclosure and high visibility display. The unit is designed to be mounted in the dash-board of a vehicle or in an instrument panel and will protrude only slightly.

The Panel-Mount Inclinometer can be calibrated and configured via the touch-screen with the following options available to the installer :
- Degrees or percentage grade display - Roll only or pitch and roll display - Maximum allowable roll - Sensor damping - Touch-screen disable - Password protection on or off. 

Roll only display with warning bar at maximum
Pitch and Roll display with menu icon showing
Main configuration menu

The panel-mount inclinometer is simple to install and only requires connection to positive and negative power to operate. Input voltage from 9V DC to 36V DC. It can be installed at any pitch angle (for instance on a sloped dashboard) but should be as close as possible to horizontal. Small roll deviations can be compensated for by calibrating the device. Accuracy 1° from 0 to 30°, 2° from 30 to 60°.

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