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Pro Shot Alpha-C Cone Laser

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Pro Shot Alpha-C is a unique cone laser tool for drainage, collection and precise curved slopes. It has all the durability and performance of the standard Alpha, plus a custom-made precision cone rotor head.  Our engineering team hand builds, tests and calibrates each Alpha C, assuring its performance to industry leading standards.  This unique, adjustable, cone projecting head lets you set-up with the laser at the high point, or low point and project a conical sloping reference of laser light.


  • Accurate 1.5mm @ 30m
  • Range 610m dia
  • Fast Servo Levelling
  • 360° Rotation
  • Visible Beam Class 3a
  • 5Year Warranty

The Alpha C can project up to a 4% sloped cone either up or down, with increments of 1/4%.  An optional version provides up to a 1.7% sloped cone reference, with even greater resolution to 1/10%.  The Alpha C is especially helpful for sports fields where a standard plane-only laser just won’t get the job done.  Some specific applications: Baseball fields; Running track corners and their infield “D” zones; Containment areas around storage tanks. The Alpha-c can also operate as a precision laser level by installing the included level-only cap.

The Proshot Alpha C laser is built amazingly tough to handle real world use and abuse. By using over engineered levelling motors and kevlar drive components the factory are able to back this laser up by providing it's customers with their Guardian Knockdown warranty.

Fully Self Levelling in Cone Grading Mode

For Single grading applications such as driveways, drainage, carparks - the Alpha C can be driven to match any slope up top ±8%. Unlike other lasers, once a grade has been set the Alpha's self-levelling function is still operating - If the laser is knocked, or temperature /  vibration has caused a height variation the laser is still able to compensate.

For Cone Grading applications such as sports fields, drainage and carparks - The Alpha C has two versions available depending on the accuracy and cone grade range required - a ±1.7% version with a finer setting accuracy for  precision work and a ± 4.0% version for larger cone grades.

Machine Control Compatible

For laser guided machine control applications the Alpha has got you covered. A high speed 1200RPM mode has been built in that will give you twice as many laser strikes per second than other lasers in this class. What does this mean for the operator? Smoother control and higher accuracy. 

Cone Grade Yes 1.7% to 4%
Accuracy ±1mm per 30 metres
Runtime 75 Hours
Warranty 3 years
Operating Temp -20 TO +60 deg
RPM  600 + 1200 Machine Control Compatible
Rechargeable Yes
Made in California, USA


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