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Pro Shot L4.7 with Storm Receiver

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The Pro Shot L4.7 Rotary Laser with Storm Receiver is a proven performer. Over many years of heavy use in the field it has proven itself to be the reliable choice for the concreting, commercial building and earth moving industries. Use it for levelling and to establish lines with optional vertical bracket. Made in USA.


  • Horizontal Automatic Self-Levelling – with precision compensator
  • Manual Vertical Levelling – with precision vial. Mount the L4.7 to the optional VM2 or W1 vertical mount to set-out string lines, align fence posts or perform any other vertical laser application.
  • Manual Grade/Slope Matching (Dual Axis) – use the built-in manual override to easily set grade with the foot screws for drainage, driveways & other slope applications.
  • Levelling Limit Indicator – stops rotation if the laser is powered on but is not level enough to automatically compensate
  • Low Battery Indicator

Supplied with:

Apache Storm Receiver

Working Range 460M+ diameter (with OPTIONAL receiver)
Accuracy ±1.0mm @ 30M
Levelling Type

Horizontal - precision compensator,              Vertical - precision manual vial

Batteries 4 x C cell
Operating Times 110 hrs (Alkaline), 70 hrs (optional NiMH charge kit)
Rotation Speed 600rpm
Environmental Water & dust proof: IP55
Operating Temperature -10º to 50ºC
Slope Capability Dual axis manual slope matching


Top of the Apache range of Laser Receivers. The Lasermeter includes clamp. The Apache Storm is a mm digital readout LCD laser receiver. It display's the exact amount of millimetres (high or low) to level on the easy to read large LCD display. If you cannot read the LCD display because it is above your head or below your knees on the grade rod or staff, the Storm has a feature that will automatically capture the measurement for you and display it on the LCD

  • Display: 21 channel LCD front & rear
  • Digital readout displays exactly how high or low the laser strike is in mm
  • Additional 2 colour, 3-channel Super-Bright LED display on front. Easy to read in low light conditions and over long distances
  • Reception height: 127mm
  • 6 Accuracy settings: 0.1mm, 0.5mm,1.0mm, 2.0mm, 5.0mm, 10.0mm
  • Audio settings: mute, low, med, high
  • Auto switch off selectable: none, 30 mins or 24 hrs without laser strike
  • Strobe light rejection filter: eliminates false readings from job site strobe lights
  • Built-in vial to ensure receiver is level
  • Adjustable sensitivity to laser: low, med, high. - Ensures you get the maximum working range out of your laser.
  • Remote capture function: remotely acquires and retains a measurement. Useful for taking remote readings when the display cannot be seen. No need for a detachable remote display
  • Patented two position rod clamp location: offset position utilises majority of reception area for excavations or driving down to grade
  • Protective over molding: provides protection from drops & typical abuse. Allows the STORM to withstand a 3M drop onto concrete
  • Patented reversible mounting jaws on clamp give a vice-like grip on all sizes and shapes of rods, including round and oval
  • Battery: 2 x AA
  • Low battery indicator
  • Water & dust proof: IP67
  • “No Excuses” warranty: if it breaks within 3 years we will fix or replace it - “No Excuses” 



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