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Geo Fennel Multi-Pointer MP5

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Geo-Fennel Multi-Pointer MP5 Self Levelling 5 Dot Laser, Level, Plumb and Square.

The MP5 will always give the user a fast uncomplicated set-up due to its self-levelling design and magnetically dampened pendulum. It could not be easier. Versatility at its best.


  • Easy operation
  • Out-of-level alarm
  • Multi-functional mount to attach the instrument to floor and wall, wall frames, pipes, tripod (5/8" and 1/4")
  • Transport lock
  • Robust housing
  • Dust and water resistant 
Accuracy +/- 2mm/10m
Working range 30m
Self-levelling range +/-3°C - 5°C
Laser diode/class   650nm/2
Tripod mount 5/8" + 1/4" 
Size  80 x 98 x 101,6mm 
Weight (instrument only)   0,74kg
Power supply  3 x AA batteries
Temperature range   -10 °C – +40 °C


Supplied with:

  • Multifunctional mount
  • Magnetic target
  • Strap attachment
  • Batteries
  • Hard case 

Geo-Fennel Multi-Pointer MP5 pdf brochure

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