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Pro Shot AS2 with R9 Laser Receiver

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Pro Shot AS2 Grade Laser

The Pro-Shot AS2 brings unmatched value to grading, excavating, sewer line & drainage contractors. Best Value Automatic Single Grade Laser with a 3-Year Warranty. Made in USA.

  • Horizontal Fully Automatic Self-Levelling – servo driven
  • Automatic Dial-In Grade (Single Axis) – up to 25% in 0.01% increments (1/100 of a %). Just set your desired grade inthe S-axis and the AS2 will automatically drive the laser line to that slope. X-axis remains self-levelling  
  • Anti-Drift Height Alert Indicator – stops rotation if laser height is adjusted once set-up is complete
  • Low Battery Indicator
  • Optional Compound Slope Dual Grade Adapter – gives the AS2 the functionality of a dual grade laser, standard on AS2M
Working Range 610m+
Accuracy ±2.0mm @ 30M
Levelling Type Servo motor ± 4 degrees
Batteries 4 x C cell
Operating Times 115 hrs (Alkaline), 95 hrs (optional NiMH charge kit)
Rotation Speed 600rpm
Environmental Water & dust proof: IP55
Operating Temperature -20º to 60ºC
Slope Capability Single axis fully auto dial-in up to 25% in 0.01% increments


Pro Shot R9 Laser Receiver

It works with all Pro Shot laser transmitters, and most other brands of rotating lasers on the market. Grade information is conveyed via a LCD front panel display, a LED display on its backside, and audio tones. The visual display now provides 5 channels of information, high, high fine, on grade, low fine, and low. The user can select between three operating accuracies, ultra-fine (±1/64 inch), standard (±1/16 inch), and coarse (±1/8 inch). The R9 provides between 500 and 1000 feet (152m to 305m) of working range depending upon which Pro Shot transmitter it is paired with. The receiver runs for approximately 60 hours on a 9V alkaline battery.

  • Display: 5 channel LCD front, 3-channel LED rear
  • Reception height: 50mm
  • 3 Accuracy settings: 0.4mm, 1.6mm, 3.2mm
  • Audio settings: mute, low, high
  • Auto switch off: 12 mins without laser strike
  • Battery: 9V
  • Low battery indicator

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