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Pro Shot AS2 Magnum with R8 Receiver

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Pro Shot AS2 Magnum Single Grade Laser

Pro Shot AS2 Magnum - Greater Range - Greater Accuracy: The Pro-Shot AS2m brings unmatched value and increased functionality to grading, excavating, sewer line & drainage contractors. Made in USA.


  • Horizontal Fully Automatic Self-Levelling – servo driven
  • Automatic Dial-In Grade (Single Axis) – up to 25% in 0.01% increments (1/100 of a %). Just set your desired grade in the -andS the AS2m will automatically drive the laser line to that slope. X-axis remains self-levelling
  • Anti-Drift Height Alert Indicator – stops rotation if laser height is adjusted once set-up is complete
  • Low Battery Indicator
  • Compound Slope Dual Grade Adapter – gives the AS2m the functionality of a dual grade laser.
Working Range 610m+ diameter
Accuracy ±1.5mm @ 30M
Levelling Type Servo motor ± 4 degrees
Batteries 4 x C cell
Operating time 70 hrs (Alkaline), 55 hrs (optional NiMH charge kit)
Rotation Speeds 600, 900 & 1200rpm
Environmental Water & dust proof: IP55
Operating Temperature -20º to 60ºC
Slope Capability Single axis fully auto dial-in up to 25% in 0.01% increments


R8 Laser Receiver

A general multi purpose all rounder Laser Receiver. Patented detection technology and field proven performance with a 2-year warranty

Performance Patented technology provides stable and accurate grade information over the entire jobsite.
Versatile Works with all rotating lasers. 3 accuracy levels - tolerances to meet your jobsite needs.
Bright, Multi-Colour LED's Provide a visual indication of grade reference. Easy to see over long distances.
Strobe Light Rejection Filter Eliminates false readings from jobsite strobe lights.
LCD Displays Front and back - instant easy to see grade inform
Waterproof and Dustproof 100% to IP67 standard - Dunk it, scrub it, hose it off - it can take it.
Tough We expect it to be dropped, kicked, and splattered with concrete. It's designed to take the abuse of any jobsite.
2-Year Warranty If it breaks within 2 years - we will fix or replace it - "No Excuses".





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