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Kustom Signals Falcon HR Stationary Speed Gun

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Kustom Signals Directional Radar Falcon HR Speed Gun -  High Performance  -  Low Cost

The Falcon HR K band stationary hand held radar is designed with innovative high performance, low-power directional technology. Falcon HR displays the target's direction to travel and isolates traffic in one direction.

Hand-held or dash mount options allow for flexible operation. Falcon HR offers the functionality of a high-end radar system at a fraction of the cost.



Frequency K-band 24.125 GHz (+/- 100MHz)
Speed Accuracy +/- 1 kph
Speed Range Stationary 8 - 321 kph
Beam Width 12° horizontal
Operating Temperature -30°C - 60°C)
Power - Corded 9.0 VDC
Power Cordless 7.2 VDC NiMH
Weight 0.9kg with battery handle
IACP Conforming Product List 


  Stationary Moving Moving same Direction
Stationary Operation a a a
Direction Sensing/Selection a a a
Fastest Vehicle Mode a a a
Moving Opposite Mode   a a
SMART Patrol Search   a a
IR Remote Control   a a
Moving Same-Direction Mode     a


Available in three different Packages:

  • Option 1: Falcon HR with corded handle to suit 12V power supply and carry case.
  • Option 2: Falcon HR with corded handle and battery handle (can be used with alkaline or rechargeable batteries), carry case.
  • Option 3: Falcon HR with corded handle and quick charger, AC adaptor, DC power cable, carry case.

All options include Certificate


  • 45 km Tuning Fork
  • 80 km Tuning Fork

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