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Spectra Precision LL300N Laser Package

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The Spectra Precision LL300N fully automatic Laser Level features a rugged design with a metal sunshade that provides superior drop and weather protection (IP66). Medium-range, simple one button highly accurate leveling solution. Base package includes the mm HL 450 Receiver. Construction tough.

The LL300N's fully automatic self-leveling capability provides fast, accurate setup. Rechargeable NiMH battery pack (Optional) or alkaline batteries keeps the unit working with no downtime due to power loss. Single cross-axis manual slope mode with cross-axis self-leveling allows grade matching for basic slope work, while maintaining accuracy in the cross-slope. 

Dual Grade facility:
Please note : This is an Manual grade laser, not dial in as used in the drainage trade.
Both X & Y axis can be set to give a maximum fall of up to 1.1m at 10m distance away. (ie. 1 in 9 & 11.1% grade)

The RC601 optional remote control is required to set grades; which is supplied as standard in the Premium Outdoor kit.


  • Operating diameter of 500m with supplied Detector
  • Dual grade option included in the Premium Outdoor kit. (Increased flexibility with remote control slope option.)
  • Increases productivity with fast set-ups, fewer mechanical parts, and automatic self-levelling
  • Maintains performance even in rainy, dusty and other harsh job site and weather conditions
  • Durable design reduces downtime due to drops and tripod tip-over’s
  • Minimizes power costs, increases reliability with choice of rechargeable or alkaline batteries
  • Customisable to your needs with a choice of two optional detectors, the HL450 (as pictured) or the Spectra CR600 Receiver (240° reception window) for machine control. 
Laser source 650nm, class 2, <3,4mW
Laser accuracy +/- 2.2mm at 30m
Operating range 500 m diameter
Self-levelling range +/- 5 degrees
Compensation method Electronic self-levelling
Drop height on concrete performance 1m
Single axis manual slope mode Yes (with self-levelling mode on the second axis) with optional RC601 remote control 
Out-of-level warning Rotor stops, red out-of-level HI-LED flashes
Power source 4 x D-cell NiMH or alkaline batteries
Battery life Rechargeable - 45 hours, alkaline - 90 hours
Battery status LED Flashing red LED
Rotation speed 600 RPM
Tripod mount (horizontal & vertical) 5/8" x 11
Operating temperature -20°C to 50°C
Storage temperature -20°C to 70°C
Water resistant Yes IP66
Size of Package L 127cm x W 19.7cm x H 38 cm
Weight  15 Kg


Package includes:

  • Spectra LL300N Laser
  • HL450 Receiver with holder
  • Alkaline batteries
  • Tripod, flat head
  • Staff
  • Large carry case

Please call or email for any variation of package

Spectra Precision LL300N Laser pdf brochure

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