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Theis Vision 2NA Dual Grade Auto Align Laser

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Horizontal / Vertical Dual Grade Laser with Aligning Function

For genuine professionals who understand the savings made on the larger construction worksites.

The Theis 2NA Auto slope high power grade laser is suitable for horizontal and vertical application. automatic target capture function available in the above modes. Made in Germany.


  • Simple to operate and very fast target acquisition
  • Automatic slope adjustment up to +/- 15%
  • Automatic alignment function : Search range up to 9°
  • Continous tracking of the laser beam when there is a change in the receiver position
  • Tracking range > 80m (in favourable conditions, up to 200m possible)
  • Working range with receiver up to 1500m diameter


  • Alignment work
  • Slope determination
  • Gardening and landscaping
  • Structural and civil engineering
  • Road construction 



  • Automatic slope adjustment in one or two axis even without detector
  • Permanent target monitoring and tracking
  • Determination of intermediate points possible with 2nd receiver 





  • Automatic target acqusition with alignment
  • Permanent target monitoring and tracking
  • Determination of intermediate points possible with 2nd receiver



Laser Class/High Power  3R
Wave length 635nm
Output/High Power (option) <1mW/ <5mW
Working range (radius) 750m
Horizontal/Vertical ✓ / ✓
Self-levelling range +/- 5°
Grade range x,y +/- 10%
Grade compensation **
Levelling accuracy +/- 1.5mm/30m
Align function, horizontal/vertical*
Range align* > 80m
Speed step by step mode (rpm) 0 - 800
Scan-function 10° – 80°
Partial mask mode
Windy function
Display lighted
Power source NiMH+ or Alkaline “D“ cells
Charging time ≈ 6 h
Operating temperature -15 ... +50 °C
System protection IP 67
Weight ≈ 3 kg

* in connection with TE 90 Align   ** with monitoring


Supplied with:

  • Vision 2NA Vision Laser
  • TE 90 Align Receiver
  • Scope to suit
  • Charger
  • Protective case
  • User guide 
                            Optional extras:
FB-V Radio Remote Control    Metor Receiver
Theis Vision 2N Dual Grade Auto Align Laser pdf brochure


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