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TruPulse 360R Laser Rangefinder


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The Laser technology Laser Rangefinder 360R offers all of the same functionality as the 360B, but with the added benefit of being rugged and waterproof. Now professionals have the opportunity to work in the field knowing their equipment is protected for harsher weather conditions. Features GPS integration for GIS data. Horizontal design.

  A maximum range of 1000m for non-reflective targets or 2000m for reflective surfaces allows the Laser Technology TruPulse 360R rangefinder to determine horizontal and vertical distance, height, inclination, azimuth and 3D missing lines at any range. Accurate to +/- 30cm for typical targets.
  The TruPulse 360R has four modes to determine specific targets, closest, furthest, continuous (multiple targets) and a foliage filter to reduce the rangefinder’s sensitivity to brush and other interferences. This rangefinder offers 7x scope magnification and in-scope measurement displays for line-of-sight measurements, and a built-in compass for accurate azimuth readings.

With a waterproof, dust resistant IP56 rating, the TruPulse 360 R rangefinder is ideal for GIS mapping, emergency response, site inspections, watershed analysis and environmental surveys. Bluetooth integration and a RS-232 serial port come standard for data transfer to a field computer. The TruPulse 360R can be mounted to tripod for stability when calculating 3D missing line, or handheld at any angle for difficult measurements.

How the TruPulse Laser Rangefinder Measures Up:
  • Measures distances, height, missing line and azimuth.
  • Fits inside a vest pocket and is very economical.
  • Displays all measurements and menus right in the scope.
  • Integrates with GPS and popular GIS software

TruPulse Series Specifications / Model Comparison
Pleas click here to download the Comparison matrix for all the available TruPulse series models.The purpose of this matrix is to provide you with an easy reference in order to quickly compare the major differences between each specific model.

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